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No Puns Allowed
Rants, ravings, postings, and other musings of a very angry Asian woman. You may call me Aisling: proud Ravenclaw, unashamed feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-porn, white-culture critical, gender-abolition, blah blah blah. Mod at Pro-Woman, Pro-Choice, writer of Wellness & Self-Care (but I'm not a doctor). I post what I want, and what I want stays on this page. This blog fluidly moves from being super political, to being a blog with cute things, to being a whining blog. Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws are the best.

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I hate Light Yagami

and Death Note


I speak on behalf of my colon.

you know something, Mez, sometimes you just gotta give your colon a push, and you’re not pushy enough.

i can’t even google this shit that’s how under-the-rug it is

also, STEAMPUNK NEW AGE JAZZ BAND I can’t even imagine what that sounds like

let’s talk about something here:

I don’t like hipsters

posting lyrics as your statuses every two seconds?  I can deal with that.

making posts about how you hate certain other people’s ‘lack’ of ‘good music taste’ because they haven’t heard of your favorite steampunk new age jazz band and actually being serious about it?  

Not okay and will get you yelled at

my boyfriend used the attack on titan theme song to wake me up this morning

my heart has yet to stop pounding

that was awful

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wait is it your birthday?

No, hahahaha, it’s not.  My b-day is faaar away from now, it just hit me like two seconds ago that I am no longer 16.


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packing right now for my trip to Houston and being like, “aww man i don’t want to pack bras, bras suck.”  Then realizing that I am an adult and I don’t have to pack bras and rejoicing 


who is benedict cabbagepatch?

i guess he’s the guy who plays Doctor What

Anonymous said:
it's cumberbatch


who is benedict cabbagepatch?

i forgot how awful Gundam Seed was